E-BUSINESS TO CUSTOMERS. Online business is transaction services carried out over an electric network. This kind of business carried online where the contact of the buyer and the seller is minimal. With the recent development in technology one does to not need to move from one shop to another in search of products. Carrying out business over the internet has been made easy and convenient by e-commerce. The products are posted on the websites of the business for the potential customers to see and the make online orders and payments before the products are availed to them. The business transactions under e-commerce are of varied forms. One 0of the type of e-commerce forms is businesses to business where one business carry out business with another same business or different one. Business to customers is also another form where business is transacted between the business and the final consumers of the product. Consumer to consumer where the transaction is done between two or more final consumers of a product is another form of e-commerce. E-commerce trader deal with customers on a daily basis and is thus required to be customer focused. It therefore calls for proper strategies that will ensure that the customers are satisfied by ensuring that their needs are met in the best way possible. Quality customer’s service is a fundamental strategy since customers are the pillars of an e-commerce. As the businesses are growing the customer service strategy should also be improved as well. Constant provision of excellent customer services should be ensured by studying the real experience of the customer. The business should also ensure that it retain the customers that it has. Getting new customers is more expensive than retaining the existing ones.The business can achieve this by being in constant contact with is existing customers by informing them of any changes or any new products that the business has. Collecting information that is beneficial to customers such as the products colors that are mostly preferred by the customers is an important activity in e-commerce. Well sourced data makes the customers to feel that their interest is being catered for by the business. Assuring customers that their money will be refunded in case of the default is also a major factor to consider in building trust in the mind of customers in e-commerce business. Necessary changes are made towards improving the business by conducting constant review of the customers feedback. Quality of the services and the ease of getting the services are the major factors that ensure efficient e-commerce business. It thus call upon traders to focus on quality in order to make more profits.

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