The struggle to attract and retain clients is one of the biggest challenges that businesses today face. With the advent of the internet and online marketing, it is much harder to improve sales numbers than ever before. However, some of the most innovative companies are trying out scent marketing as a way of increasing sales numbers and develop higher levels of customer loyalty in their stores.

What is Scent Marketing?

Scent marketing involves using very specific aromas in stores or other business environments to increase clients’ overall levels of contentment and loyalty. Studies have shown that companies who use scents as a way to attract customers have higher levels of sales, customer satisfaction and retain larger numbers of clients than those who do not. By developing a special scent that best represents the brand or company, businesses are able to increase the proportion of the population who can identify the company easily through scent and feel loyalty toward it. The use of business scenting is quickly becoming one of the most popular new marketing techniques, and it should be considered by any company wishing to improve overall.

How Do Businesses Decide What Type of Scent to Use?

The scent that a company uses to establish a brand identity is extremely important, so care should be taken to choose the correct one. If the scent is off-putting or doesn’t convey the right type of message to potential customers, it may have a negative effect on the business rather than a positive one. Businesses that are interested in pursuing scent marketing should seek help from a marketing firm that specializes in creating custom scents.

By using scents to establish stronger brand loyalty and increase sales, businesses are able to find a competitive edge against others in their industry. Scent marketing involves the use of signature aromas to evoke a sense of comfort and loyalty to the company that guests would not otherwise feel. Working closely alongside a scent marketing company to develop and execute a new scent campaign is a great way to improve overall business and attract a larger, more loyal customer base.

Business Scenting is a Popular New Marketing Technique