Mattresses typically last about eight to ten years. When it comes time to get a new one, there are all sorts of different alternatives to consider. For those who are trying to live a healthier and more environmentally-friendly lifestyle, it makes sense to think about getting an organic mattress, or at least one made with better materials than the typical conventional innerspring mattress.

Organic Materials

Organic mattresses are typically made from materials like latex, cotton and wool. To be certified organic, these materials must be grown in the proper way without many of the chemicals typically used in conventional farming and manufacturing processes. Organic latex can help make it possible to produce a firmer mattress without the use of metal springs and is also resistant to mold and dust mites, which is good news for those with allergies.

Potential Benefits

There are some real benefits to going organic when it comes to bedding. These include having a mattress made of hypoallergenic materials and free from pesticide residues and high-VOC chemicals. Any fire barrier methods used will be non-toxic, unlike those often used for conventional mattresses. You’ll also have the benefit of knowing that the bedding was produced in an environmentally-friendly and sustainable manner. There isn’t a need to wait for organic bedding to off gas because there aren’t as many chemicals used.

Potential Considerations

There are a few drawbacks to limiting yourself to mattresses that are organic, however. First, they are among the more expensive options available, costing about twice as much in some cases, which puts them out of reach for some customers. There are also limited options available and limited availability, making it harder to find just the right mattress. Should you test out those available near you and not find any that suit your needs or are particularly comfortable for you, it may make more sense to look for a mattress made with more environmentally-friendly materials or more natural materials that hasn’t been certified organic. Be sure to check that both the covers of the mattresses you’re considering and the insides are organic as this isn’t always the case.

Is an Organic Mattress Right for You?