Telecommunications Business 2017: Increasing Awareness and Understanding About VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is a way in making calls across Wide Area Network or WAN and Local Area Network or LAN. Making calls through the internet is what VoIP is always associated with. Conversion of analog voice into digital packet is the technology behind VoIP, wherein these are sent across a network using IP or Internet Protocol. A VoIP phone system is connected to your LAN serving as a backbone system, that connects your VoIP phones and your VoIP service provider to the VoIP PBX. The difference between a regular phone system and a VoIP phone system is the usage of IP technology in handling your call, and the source of your VoIP service is WAN that controls and manages your connection.

The differences between VoIP and PBX are VoIP uses IP technology, your existing LAN, and VoIP service provider, whereas PBX uses TDM technology, closed network, and PSTN for dial tone. The difference of VoIP phone system from others, despite using different technologies, network and voice service, is its amazing capability to be integrated with your other business systems, allowing increases efficiency, productivity and sales. The features of VoIP are caller ID, three-way calling, call pick-up, call park, call monitoring, call recording, call routing, call reporting, call queues, call forwarding, call waiting, automatic attendant, DID or direct inward dialing, voicemail, conference calling, monitoring and analytics tools, utilizing VoIP, PTSN calling methods, web-based management and application integration. These are just the basic features, and VoIP has more to offer because functions and features differ between various systems, so you have more reasons to own your business VoIP system.

The major benefits of owning a VoIP phone system include productivity, scalability, cost savings, remote deployments, efficiency, and visibility across your entire phone system. There’s no need to hire a “phone guy” for a PBX separate network when you’re using VoIP because it is automated, thereby reducing your support and maintenance costs. Your business can definitely benefit from VoIP, regardless if you’re looking to have someone work from home, set up a distributed call center or on all your branch offices, and you can have the same phone system because you can remotely deploy IP phones where there is internet connection, enabling control in your central facility. Real-time access to your business metrics are supplied by VoIP such as analytics, phone system statistics and recordings, automatically logging into your system using your web browser, that can provide smart decision-making for the growth and success of your business. Feel free to visit our website or homepage if you need further information about VoIP, broadband and other internet services.The Essentials of Businesses – Revisited

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