How to Use a Merchant Accounts to Accept Payments

It could be bothering you how some retail stores can use debit cards, loyalty cards and credit cards to receive payments. Majority of businesses have considered using different payment methods to improve their customers’ experience. One of the commonly used modes of payment is the electronic payment. For a business to handle this type of payment, it will need to have a merchant account.

What is a merchant account anyway?

A merchant account is an account provided by a merchant bank. When a business opens a merchant account, they can start accepting credit cards and other electronic payment methods.
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Credit card transaction
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After you open a merchant account, your clients can pay you via credit cards. The card is inserted into a device called a credit card terminal. Customers can pay for your services or products by using credit cards.

Electronic check processing

Some merchant banks allow merchant owners to process electronic checks by giving them an electronic check processing machine. This could be a business or retail stores which want to allow their clients to pay via checks.

Majority of the more advanced companies allow their customers to pay for their services using electronic payment methods like checks so that they don’t have to travel to the bank to get the check processed.

Electronic payments methods such as the use of credit cards and electronic checks have enabled people to effectively transfer funds online and purchase products on the Internet.

The rate of subscription

Depending on the services that you want to subscribe to, the charges can vary. The technology used, authorization fee and the device to be used are some of the factors that influence the cost. The rate is also different from one bank to the other.

Who should apply for a merchant account

Any retailer can use the services offered by a merchant bank as long as it is not too expensive to use. Retail stores, lodgings, hotels and petrol stations are some of the areas where merchant account services are mostly used. The services are also available for online businesses and also physical stores.

How to choose a merchant service provider

It is important to take into account some factors before you decide to open a merchant account. Some of the various aspects that can help you decide which merchant provider to choose to include the cost of the device to be used, setup cost, scope of transaction and the rate specified.

The other aspect you should be keen about is transaction security. Electronic payment is usually exposed to many threats and therefore, you will need tight security for your account.

Use of credit cards and other electronic payment methods are very efficient. It allows businesses to receive payments with ease. Customers don’t have to carry paper money when they want to shop in the stores. Merchant accounts also offer a good infrastructure for payment on the Internet.

It is, however, necessary to consider some factors which will help you make an informed decision. The gains you get from having the account should be enough to compensate the cost involved.

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