Homeowners who have ponds dug on their properties soon find that the small bodies of water need maintenance. That is because the water cannot move, so it collects debris. Over time plant growth, algae and even human-created runoff can also cause pollution. Eventually, a scum is formed and ponds can begin to give off foul odors. Fortunately, aerating, or adding oxygen, can solve these problems. Businesses like Living Water Aeration sell a variety of aerators that can handle the job. Many property owners choose windmill aeration that relies entirely on the power of the wind to clean ponds.

What Happens During Aeration

There are generally two methods of aeration that are used to introduce oxygen into pond water. One, called diffused aeration, adds oxygen from the bottom of the pool. The new supply of oxygen rehabilitates bodies of water and helps living things like fish and plants thrive. It also creates the perfect environment for helpful bacteria to grow and then help decompose sludge. The diffused method works especially well in ponds that are at least 6 feet deep. There are also surface aeration systems that offer the same benefits but work by causing water to bubble to the surface. It can then grab oxygen from the air. Surface aeration is generally more expensive than diffused methods.

The Benefits of Windmill Aerators

Both bottom up and surface aerators are available in a range of styles, yet many choose windmill kits. They need no electricity, so they are great options for those who live in remote areas or where the sunshine is not plentiful. Customers whose ponds are very far from electrical sources often install windmill models. Many property owners who switch from electric to wind-operated aerators immediately reduce energy costs as much as $50 per month. They are available in powder coated and galvanized steel. Suppliers offer a range of styles and accessories that include a freeze control device which prevents lines from freezing in the winter.

Aerators are devices that clean non-moving bodies of water like ponds. Although suppliers offer a wide range of devices that will do the job, windmill aerators are the most popular among those in remote areas. They are entirely wind driven, inexpensive to run and ensure that ponds have enough oxygen to stay clear and healthy.

Why Windmill Aeration Could Be the Ideal Way to Keep Ponds Clean